TorontoPubs’ Midtown Yonge Street Pub Crawl

Updated: 2017.01.17

Notes on this pub crawl: the walk (2.2 km) takes about half an hour in total or you can take the subway and hop on and off as all of these pubs are close to TTC stations. Keep in mind that the Rebel House is small and that the Monk’s Table is a little posh.

Notes on pub crawls in general: consider at least 45 minutes per pub visit and let your server know that you having just one drink and then moving on into the fizzy night so she/he knows that you’ll need your bill quickly. Pay by cash so you aren’t waiting for the credit card/debit machine and tip generously as you may be back one day for longer than just one drink. Check the pub’s website/Twitter (links in TorontoPubs review of establishment) in case they have an event that night. Also keep in mind the day and time, Saturday nights with the FIFA World Cup’s final on is not the best night for said pub crawl, but it is one of the best times to be in a pub.

Printable PDF of this TorontoPubs’ Midtown Yonge Street Pub Crawl with map with map.

The Rebel House (TorontoPubs review)
1068 Yonge Street

Wylie’s Pub (TorontoPubs review)
1234A Yonge Street

The Monk’s Table (TorontoPubs review)
1276 Yonge Street

Jester on Yonge (TorontoPubs review)
1427 Yonge Street

The Bull and Firkin (TorontoPubs review)
1835 Yonge Street

Fionn MacCool’s (TorontoPubs review)
1867 Yonge Street

Unfortunately, this pub crawl is not wheelchair accessible.



Scallywags (website, Twitter)
11 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto ON M4V 1K6 (on the south side of St. Clair Avenue West, just west of Yonge Street) 416-922-3737
Google Maps 

The place to go at Yonge and St. Clair to watch sports while enjoying a pint.

I’ve been to Scallywags a couple of times over the years. Because it’s a sports bar, with lots of televisions usually showing rugby and football (soccer) or other sporting events I can’t be bothered to identify, I feel like a fish out of water. The reason we went there was because it was part of a three-part mini pub crawl of St. Clair and Yonge, involving the Jester on Yonge, then Fox and Fiddle (now closed), and rounding off with Scallywags.

There is football memorabilia everywhere in Scallywags, hardwood floors, booths, and tables, and upstairs a party room on the second floor that can be rented for free (meaning that you have to put down a deposit). Scallywags is actually such a sports bar that it will open early to show some sporting events and it can get very crowded when there is a big game on, so make a reservation or arrive early.

Number of visits by yours truly: my fourth or fifth, most recently on a Saturday afternoon in April 2012
TTC information: a one-minute walk west of St. Clair Station
Booze selection: 20 beers, alas I forgot to ask if they have cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: some surprises, such as Korean pork chops and hand-rolled Moroccan cigars, which we ordered. They were rather spicy and I do like spicy food, but perhaps it was even too much for me
Service staff: quick, but it was a Saturday afternoon and the pub was only half full, I see that others have said that the service could be better
Prices: average
Toilets: clean and downstairs
Patio: heated rooftop patio that’s rather nice
Wheelchair accessible: not really as the toilets are downstairs
Televisions: 10!
Live music: yes, Mondays and Sundays
Piped-in music: disco, Tears For Fears, Shania Twain

Rating: three and a half pints (out of five) 

Jester on Yonge

Jester on Yonge (Twitter)
1427 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4T 1Y7 (on the east side of Yonge Street, just south of St. Clair Avenue East) 416-323-3421
Google Maps 

The place to go for booze, glorious booze, at Yonge and St. Clair. 

I can’t quite remember the first time I went to the Jester on Yonge (meaning that it was a long time ago, not a night I can’t remember). For one of our earlier visits, our friend reserved the back room for a private gathering. We had the pool table and jukebox all to ourselves and we had a lovely evening. The only time the room was “invaded” by non-guests that night was by people looking for the board games that the private room has available. After our most recent visit, which was part of a three-part mini pub crawl (only one drink and snack at each establishment) of St. Clair and Yonge, my favourite drinking companion and I declared the Jester on Yonge to be the best of the three pubs we visited that day.

The Jester on Yonge is a long narrow pub with exposed brick walls, mirrors, and black and white photographs. There are booths, benches, and tables, and a lot of stools to be had around the bar. There are newspapers on Saturdays and there were two people dining alone the afternoon in question, which is always a good sign, in my opinion.

Note: there is the Court Jester on the Danforth, so make sure you and your fellow boozehounds know where you are gathering.

Number of visits by yours truly: my fourth or fifth, most recently on a Saturday afternoon in April 2012
TTC information: a one-minute walk south of St. Clair Station
Booze selection: about 30 international and domestic beers, including Strongbow cider (no Pimm’s, but our server knew what it was)
Food selection: Tex-Mex, pasta, a decent variety and served until one in the morning most nights (until midnight on Sundays and Mondays)
Service staff: busy
Prices: expensive for booze, $8.19 for Boddingtons/Old Speckled Hen
Toilets: downstairs and less than fresh
Patio: small, west-facing and on Yonge
Wheelchair accessible: yes, but the toilets are downstairs, so I don’t think this is accessible
Televisions: nine!
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: very low, the only song I could make out was “Veronica” by Elvis Costello

Rating: four pints (out of five)