The Abbot on Yonge

Abbot on Yonge Toronto
The Abbot on Yonge (website, Twitter)

3367 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4N 2M6 (on the east side, between Golfdale Road and Snowdon Avenue, the nearest major intersection is Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue) 416-544-9074
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A lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon.

The Abbot on Yonge is a lovely pub with hardwood floors, stained glass partitions, and a variety of seating options with numerous booths, tables, and high chairs at the bar for you to choose from, making this an idea place for large groups.  This pub aspires to be a gastropub with cloth napkins and catering available and from what I ordered, eggs Benedict, it was delicious, however, according to a friend, the wings were horrible and there were only two options available.

Because the Abbot on Yonge is loud, due in part to its high ceiling, I found I was raising my voice more than I felt comfortable doing so. Unfortunately, the Abbot on Yonge is very child friendly, which is a drawback for yours truly as I don’t like ill-behaved children (which is most children) or their parents, all with their forked tongues, beady eyes, and twitching tails. The Abbott on Yonge has a sister pub on Eglinton, near Chaplin, and there used to be a pub called the Abbot on the Hill on Yonge near Summerhill which is now the Monk’s Table.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first on a weekend afternoon in August 2014, but not my last
TTC information: a nine-minute walk north of Lawrence Station or you could catch the Yonge bus, but if it’s not raining or snowing and you have only one bag, you are better off walking
Booze selection: 21 beers and a number of wines, and Somersby cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: traditional pub grub with catering available (see above for wings issue) 
Service staff: a little spotty, which seems to be a common online complaint
Prices: a little expensive
Toilets: not bad, but there are 10 different doors downstairs, so you might have to send a friend down with a ball of twine so they can return to the correct doorway 
Patio: nope
Wheelchair accessible: toilets are downstairs, so nope
Televisions: one
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: the only song I could make out due to the noise level was Gloria Gaynor’s “I Feel Love”

Rating: four pints (out of five)