Mackenzies High Park

Mackenzies High Park (website, Twitter)
1982 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M6P 3K9 (on the north side, just west of Quebec Avenue, the nearest major intersection is Keele Street and Bloor Street West) 416-767-7246
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A good place to relax in after a jaunt through High Park or if you are in a sports frame of mind.

I’ve only been here twice, both times during the work day – oh, it’s a hard life – but I was impressed. The service was very good, the woman who served us remembered me from our first visit a month earlier. Mackenzies (Or is it Mackenzie’s? The website is a little confused itself.) was rather empty, but given the day, the time, and its location, I would have been surprised to see it busy.

To be honest, Mackenzies is more of a sports bar than a pub, but I don’t want to be narrow-minded and exclude bars from the blog (I might run out of places to go!). There were a lot of televisions – which is a drawback for me, but might be just what you are looking for – and where my friend and I sat there were mirrors, so you could watch television if you’re facing the wall. If you want to go somewhere for a sports event, you’ll probably find what you want to watch here at Mackenzies. I expect it has its greatest business during sporting events. In terms of décor, it’s standard bar tables and chairs, so you might be able to gather a large group together if you can swing the seating. It’s probably not a great place for a first date, but you could do a lot worse for a sports bar. They have poker on Monday nights and euchre on Tuesdays.

Number of visits by yours truly: two, most recently on a Wednesday afternoon in February 2011
TTC information: High Park Station, taking the Quebec Avenue (east) exit. Just a hop, skip, and jump to the establishment
Booze selection: standard fare, nothing too exciting, but something for nearly everyone, including three ciders — Magners, Sir Perry’s, and Strongbow (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard pub fare, but generous portions
Service staff: very good
Prices: reasonable, but I was treated
Toilets: downstairs and a little snug, but not bad
Patio: on the street with a view of High Park, so this establishment is probably the place to go on a summer evening
Wheelchair accessible: partially as the bar has a step up halfway through, and I didn’t see a wheelchair-accessible toilet
Televisions: lots
Live music: open mic on Saturdays
Piped-in music: ’70s and there is a picture of Led Zeppelin at the back. Robert Plant in all his glory!

Rating: four pints (out of five)