Betty's Toronto

Betty’s (website, Twitter)
240 King Street East, Toronto ON M5A 1K1 (on the north side of King Street East, between Sherbourne Street and Princess Street) 416-368-1300
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George Brown instructors, this is where your students are.

Betty’s is a popular haunt with George Brown College students, although it is too dark for doing one’s homework. It also draws in a varied crowd of families with young children and older men with its cheap eats, including a weekend brunch, and attention-sucking televisions showing sports, sports, sports. The uncomfortable booths fill up quickly as you can serve yourself with one of the build-in beer taps.  The walls of Betty’s are crowded with handy maps (pointing out Leicester was a breeze), photographs, beer-branded mirrors, paintings, and posters. The pub also has a pool table.

Betty’s is not the place to take your love on a first date because it’s a bit of a dive, I found a dirty knife under my booth and the table was sticky from previous clients.

Number of visits by yours truly: two or three visits, most recently in December 2014
TTC information: a two-minute ride east from King Station on the streetcar
Booze selection: I counted 72 beers including two taps at one’s booth, if you are lucky to get a booth. (You might want to get your server to pour your first pint at the booth tap so you can watch how they do it, I attempted one and got a glass full of yummy foam.) There are also flights available. For ciders/ginger beers, they have Magners, Waupoos, Keith’s, Strongbow, and Crabbie’s ginger beer (I don’t know if they have Pimm’s)
Food selection: comfort food with gluten-free options. Most other online reviewers say that you go for the beer, not for the food
Service staff: friendly and a lot of tattoos (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but a tad forgetful, I never did find out if they had Pimm’s and our waiter had to be flagged down a couple of times
Prices: reasonable
Toilets: clean
Patio: north-facing and quite large, but there’s a skylight inside if it’s raining
Wheelchair accessible: nope
Televisions: at least four, but not that intrusive if you are trying to ignore them 
Live music: I don’t think so
Piped-in music: modern with Feist and Bedouin Soundclash

Rating: four pints (out of five)


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