The Abbot on Eglinton

Abbot on Eglinton Toronto
The Abbot on Eglinton (website)

508 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto ON M5N 1A5 (on the north side, between Heddington Avenue and Castle Knock Road, the nearest major intersection is Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue West) 416-487-8350
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Forest Hill’s best place for a pint.

The Abbot on Eglinton has little competition, save the Queen’s Legs, which is a totally different type of pub, but this doesn’t mean that the pub doesn’t still try. True, there is limited seating and groups of five or more will be stuck having to go into the back, which is a restaurant, but if you are meeting just one other person, then the Abbot on Eglinton is your oyster. Plus the pub part of the Abbot on Eglinton is limited to those 16 years and older, which means it doesn’t suffer the same problem as its sister pub, the Abbot on Yonge.

The Abbot of Eglinton also goes for the gastropub vibe, with even a Globe & Mail article published about a lobster that was caught off Nova Scotia and ended up on the table of an Abbot on Eglinton diner. In keeping with the neighbourhood, the Abbot on Eglinton has its posher features and it’s not very relaxing in its atmosphere, but that said, were I still living in a tiny basement apartment in Forest Hill, this would have been a regular hangout for me, not just because they have a dish outside for thirsty dogs.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first on a weekday afternoon in August 2014, but not my last
TTC information: a 15-minute walk west of Eglinton Station. You can take the Eglinton West bus, which drops you near the pub, but given the chronic congestion between Oriole and Avenue on Eglinton, I would walk if it’s near rush hour
Booze selection: a limited selection of about a dozen Canadian beers with Thornbury cider (yes, they have Pimm’s)
Food selection: traditional pub grub with catering available (the same as the Abbot on Yonge)
Service staff: good
Prices: not bad
Toilets: good, accessible toilet at the back
Patio: nope
Wheelchair accessible: yes, toilet at the back
Televisions: one
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: soothing Motown

Rating: four pints (out of five)


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