The Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall Toronto

The Hole in the Wall (Twitter)
2867 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON M6P 1Y9 (on the south side, next to Post and Beam Architectural Reclamation, the nearest major intersection is Keele Street and Dundas Street West) 647-350-3564
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The place to go for craft beers in the Junction. 

The first time I attempted to go to the Hole in the Wall with my partner in crime, the pub had paper on the door glass and it wasn’t open, so I think it was either about to open or was undergoing renovations. We ended up going to the nearby Axis Bar and Grill, and if you have the choice, you should go here instead. Apparently the pub did undergo renovations recently, however you can’t really tell, it is really a hole in the wall, so kudos for being honest about the name.

The Hole in the Wall is very loud due to the wooden floors and tall ceiling, even at brunch time, so I dread to think what it’s like when they have their live music five nights a week. The pub is very narrow and you will likely walk by it twice before you finally locate it. One of my dining companions said that the pub is built in an old alleyway, hence its odd shape, location, and exposed brick walls. Despite this, the pub is bright due to its skylight. Groups larger than four will have a tough time finding suitable seating, so go with three of your closest drinking companions and enjoy yourselves.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first on a Sunday afternoon in late September 2013, but not my last
TTC information: take the Dundas West (Junction) bus north from Dundas West Station (seven-minute journey)
Booze selection: dozen or so craft beers, which change often, not including Strongbow, Waupoos, Sir Perry, Magners ciders. Yes, they have Pimm’s
Food selection: we were there for brunch, so we only got that menu, which was pretty good
Service staff: good
Prices: not bad
Toilets: two unisex toilets; one was acceptable, one wasn’t
Patio: no
Wheelchair accessible: sort of, the toilets are on the ground floor, but I would be hesitant to recommend this as wheelchair accessible
Televisions: one
Live music: five nights a week
Piped-in music: Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Billy Joel, Counting Crows (!)

Rating: four and a half pints (out of five) 


One thought on “The Hole in the Wall

  1. Might I also recommend either 3030 for a better selection of craft brews (and general weirdness), or if you are more inclined to a more hipster-y option go for the Indie Ale House. Both are in the same area. Don’t be fooled by other local option, the deceptively named Farmhouse Tavern; it’s really more a a restaurant (with and amazing menu; brunch especially)

    Love the blog, and thanks for your dedication to your craft.

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