Morgans on the Danforth

Morgans on the Danforth Toronto

Morgans on the Danforth (website, Twitter)
1282 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON M4J 1M6 (on the north side, between Greenwood Avenue and Linsmore Crescent, the nearest intersection is Greenwood Avenue and Danforth Avenue) 416-461-3020
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Another diamond in the rough. 

I live in East York and my neighbourhood is bereft of pubs. One can swing a multitude of dead cats without hitting anything coming close to a pub (as a cat lover I use that only as a phrase, and certainly not as a suggestion). As a result, this review might be coloured by my enthusiasm for finding a watering hole of a calibre above that of “dive” or “rib house”. Morgans on the Danforth was recommended by someone who knows of my weakness from where the fount of this blog was launched. Fortunately we erred towards hope, instead of experience, and decided to check the pub out one evening. We liked it so much that we went back for our wedding anniversary meal a few weeks later.

On our most recent visit, Morgans on the Danforth was so popular that we were lucky to get a seat and it was a Monday evening, not the most popular of evenings for a pub visit. The pub features exposed brick and plush leather seats. One might be lucky enough to score one of the booths, which according to its website, have their own air-conditioning outlets, but slow-turning fans aerated the rest of the pub. There is a raised area at the back, which affords some privacy, so you might be lucky enough to reserve that for your group. The only drawback to the pub is the square plates; my utensils (yes, I do use them) kept falling into my food as they slipped along the edge.

Number of visits by yours truly: my second, most recently on a weekday evening in July 2013
TTC information: Greenwood Station, mere metres on the Danforth from the station
Booze selection: 12 beers, including Waupoos cider (they have Pimm’s). They also have a wine list
Food selection: the fancier and eclectic end of pub grub, such as cheese platters and charcuterie. Be warned that brunch at Morgans is popular with the older set. Apparently, Morgans also does catering. The menu is also online
Service staff: very friendly
Prices: expensive
Toilets: not bad
Patio: tiny one to the south of building on the Danforth, but the front window features an up-and-over door
Wheelchair accessible: toilets are certainly not accessible
Televisions: one over the bar
Live music: sometimes
Piped-in music: nondescript

Rating: five pints (out of five) 


2 thoughts on “Morgans on the Danforth

    1. I still go to a lot of pubs, but I’m now going back to old haunts instead of always seeking out new pubs. That said, I do have a new blog post pending.

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