The Firkin On Yonge

Firkin on Yonge Toronto

The Firkin On Yonge (website, Twitter)
207 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M5B 2H1 (on the east side, between Queen Street and Shuter Street, the nearest major intersection is Queen Street and Yonge Street) 647-345-0455
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Is this really a pub?

The Firkin On Yonge is the brightest pub I have ever been in! Blindingly white walls! They also don’t have cider. I don’t know if they are being ironic, but having a picture of stick-thin Twiggy on a place that serves food doesn’t really inspire confidence.

The Firkin On Yonge is a relatively new pub (it opened in the spring of 2012), but it has a built-in reputation as part of the Firkin pub chain — so too many televisions, limited menu, and regular beer selection — but there’s more to pubs than that! The pub is long and narrow (it has an exit on the alleyway near Massey Hall). Downstairs, they have a long bar and lots of booths and upstairs can be a private party room. Apparently, the place attracts a business crowd during the day, despite the fact that they are across the street from the Eaton Centre.

When asking my better half for his thoughts on the Firkin On Yonge, he said that he had nothing to add, it left no impression. Considering the location, you’d think they would at least try, but with substandard service, no cider, and no atmosphere, I really would go anywhere else but here.

Number of visits by yours truly: first and last visit on a Saturday afternoon in March 2013. Second pub of the day!
TTC information: just north of Queen Station
Booze selection: 24 beers, but no cider! (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard Firkin pub grub with lots of sandwiches and wraps
Service staff: not good, our server was too busy and it appears we aren’t the only ones who have noticed the harried servers. When we got our change back from our bill, our server gave us back two dollars too much, when I politely pointed this out to her, all she said was “okay”
Prices: standard Firkin prices, not expensive, but not cheap
Toilets: downstairs and clean enough
tiny smoking patio on Yonge
Wheelchair accessible: 
yes, they even have an elevator
lots and lots
Live music: 
apparently they do have live music, but I could see no promotion of it
Piped-in music: 
Muse, Depeche Mode, and Tom Petty

Rating: two and a half pints (out of five)


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