McVeigh’s New Windsor Tavern

McVeigh’s New Windsor Tavern (website)
124 Church Street, Toronto ON M5C 2G8 (on the southeast corner of Richmond Street East and Church Street, the nearest major intersection is Yonge and Queen Streets) 416-364-9698
Google Maps

Nothing like a review of a bad pub to remind you why you started this blog in the first place! 

You know you don’t feel welcomed when an old man comes up to you when you enter a pub and says “Are you with the group upstairs?” No pleasantries, no smile. If I was with the group upstairs, I’d be with the group upstairs! I decided to check out the toilet and the same old man appeared like an apparition and asks me why I going downstairs. I said I wanted to use the ladies’ and he says they weren’t there. No pleasantries, no smile, no directions. I turned around and went back to my seat wondering why they didn’t have a ladies’ (you never know). It was only when I was re-seated that I saw the grumpy old man staring at me and waving me towards the back of the pub. I ignored him and then saw him shake his head at me. I later shifted over to see that there was a ladies’, hidden by all the pillars. If you can’t see the ladies’ toilet from where you are sitting because there are pillars in the way you assume that the ladies’ is where the men’s is. I never did bother to go.

Fortunately, my knight in shining armour had seen the Beer Academy (reopening soon!) on the way to McVeigh’s, and seeing what a disappointment McVeigh’s was for me, he suggested we go there sometime. I said why don’t we go tonight and so we did and had a lovely time instead. I will never ever go back to McVeigh’s and if this post convinces one other person to go somewhere else instead I will have considered my half-hour visit there not wasted. (My knight in shining armour had no problem with the pub, but he can be easier going than I can be sometimes.)

Number of visits by yours truly: first and last visit in November 2012
TTC information: a two-minute walk from Queen Station
Booze selection: 7 beers (that ain’t a typo) and Magners cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: on a blackboard (that had serious glare on it) with a bare bones selection. The poutine was good
Service staff: our waitress was nice, but the old man needs to learn how to interact with the public
Prices: we learned after we ordered that the poutine was $10 on the bill as the bare bones menu did not feature prices
Toilets: unknown, but apparently the men’s is the toilet that time forgot
Patio: tiny patio on Church Street
Wheelchair accessible: nope
Televisions: two, one was turned off
Live music: yes, several nights a week
Piped-in music: Juice Newton and Lionel Richie

Rating: one and a half pints (out of five)


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