An Sibin Pub

An Sibin Pub (website, Twitter)
709 Queen Street East, Toronto M4M 1H1 (on the southeast corner of Queen Street East and Broadview Avenue) 647-748-2111
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The place to go for football (soccer) in Leslieville.

Even though An Sibin (pronounced: Shebeen, I think) Pub has only been around for a few months, I have been by it several dozen times as I take the King Streetcar a lot. Unfortunately, as I am usually under (self-imposed) pressure to be on time for a social event or on my way home, I have never got off to investigate the pub. It took a deliberate plan this weekend to visit the pub. (An Sibin was founded with a bit of controversy earlier this year as it now occupies the spot where the Real Jerk once stood.)

When we walked into An Sibin, we were quickly informed that they were only serving snacks, which was fine as it was three in the afternoon and not dinnertime. The pub has a very high ceiling, with a small upstairs at the back, and an exposed kitchen as there is no door so you can see what’s happening as you are on your way to the toilet, always a good thing! The only drawbacks to the pub is that it is a sports pub and it has live music — both distractions from conversation. However, I am sure that there are many who would go to An Sibin just for those reasons.

Number of visits by yours truly: first, but not my last, visit on a Saturday afternoon in November 2012
TTC information: an eight-minute ride eastbound from Queen Station on the Queen streetcar or take the King streetcars from Broadview Station, which will drop you after a 10-minute ride at Broadview and Queen
Booze selection: about 30 beers and a large selection of whiskeys/whiskys/scotch including three ciders — Magners and Thornbury in cans/bottles and Foundry on tap (no Pimm’s, but our server did know what it was)
Food selection: unusual pub food, but those who have a gluten-sensitivity will be happy to learn that they have gluten-free options that are marked as such
Service staff: very, very attentive, as the food came quickly and we were even asked how everything was as we were leaving
Prices: expensive for food, but very good for beer/cider
Toilets: could be cleaner, but not bad
Patio: not enough room on the sidewalk
Wheelchair accessible: no, there’s a tiny step leading into the pub and the toilets are downstairs
Televisions: seven according to them, all showing football (soccer)
Live music: most nights, the week in question they had music Thursday to Sunday
Piped-in music: Irish — duh!

Rating: four pints (out of five)


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