The Richmond Rogue

The Richmond Rogue 
284 Richmond Street East, Toronto ON M5A 1P4 (on the north side of Richmond Street East, between Sherbourne Street and George Street, just east of Stonecutters Lane, the nearest major intersection is Queen Street West and Jarvis Street) 416-868-9595
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A cross-section of Moss Park and St. James neighbourhoods gather here.

I went to the Richmond Rogue a number of years ago for a pub night with friends, the only thing I remember about the night was that an all-female baseball team came in after we did and got a little rowdy. We tried to go back to the Richmond Rogue last weekend after visiting the nearby St. Lawrence Market, but it was closed at three in the afternoon! The pub apparently opens at four, so when do they serve the brunch that they advertise on the building? Their website is unhelpful with no hours posted (I would say the number one reason I call a business that doesn’t post its hours on its website or that doesn’t have a website is to find out the hours) so that will remain one of those great unanswered questions in life. (We did manage to get into the Richmond Rogue after work one night this past week.)

Given the Richmond Rogue’s location, we were not surprised to see a mixture of patrons — there were a number of students, presumably from George Brown, quite a few business professionals, and a table of soldiers. Everyone seemed to flood the pub at the same time (six) and leave at the same time (seven-thirty). When we left I think there were perhaps a dozen or so people. The pub is nice looking with leather seats, a sunken bar, and exposed brick, but the lighting kept changing every few minutes, so sometimes I could see my dining companion and my meal, other times I had to rely on the Force. Not a terrible pub, but not a great pub either.

Number of visits by yours truly: two or three visits, most recently in late October 2012
TTC information: a two-minute ride east from Queen Station on the Queen streetcar followed by a quick walk south or theoretically the same ride time from King Station on the King streetcar followed by a quick walk north
Booze selection: 24 beers including Somersby cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: not a lot of variety, but not a bad selection. Yummy perogies, the rest of the food was decent
Service staff: a little slow, we had to wait a while to catch the waiter for our bill and then again to settle up
Prices: decent
Toilets: quite clean
Patio: no room for one
Wheelchair accessible: too tight for any device
Televisions: at least six
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: quite the musical spectrum — Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Pet Shop Boys

Rating: three and a half pints (out of five)


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