The Paddock Tavern

The Paddock Tavern (website, Twitter)
178 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON M5V 2R4 (on the east side of Bathurst Street, just south of Queen Street West) 416-504-9997
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A Toronto landmark. 

I have probably been by the Paddock Tavern a hundred times. My former brother-in-law used to live across the street, it’s just south of Queen Street West, and just north of Factory Theatre, however, I have never gone in before. I haven’t been in because it looks a little uninviting as you can’t see in. Is it open? Is it full? My better half and I finally went in as we were on our way to a football (soccer) game at BMO Field (Canada won over Cuba, 3-0) and needed nourishment.

The Paddock Tavern is a rather small venue, with a huge bar. It’s been around so long (1946) that its then-modern look is now fashionably retro. Unfortunately, its age shows in other ways with blown light bulbs and torn seat cushions, which looks like the present owner/manager doesn’t care. However, that did not seem to deter the regulars. When I arrived the bartender was talking to a fellow at the bar and when a group arrived, they seemed to know where to go and what to do.

Note, the Paddock Tavern doesn’t serve tea or coffee, the pub doesn’t open until four, the kitchen doesn’t open until six, it’s closed on Sundays and Mondays, but on the plus side, it’s apparently haunted.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first on a Friday evening in October 2012
TTC information: a 12-minute ride south from Bathurst Station or a 12-minute ride from Osgoode Station
Booze selection: eight beers, including Thornbury cider, a number of whiskys/wines (no Pimm’s) (according to the expert, the taps need to be cleaned)
Food selection: basic, but all the bases covered, except for those who are fussy  
Service staff: very attentive, when I arrived the kitchen was closed, but I was able to get my meal very quickly once it did open
Prices: lots of food for the money, my better half couldn’t finish his meal (I did it for him)
Toilets: could be cleaner, but not that bad
Patio: east
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: three, two off and one showing an old black-and-white movie with the mute button engaged
Live music: might start in November on Tuesday nights
Piped-in music: alternative country pop music, I think

Rating: four pints (out of five) 


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