The Bishop and Belcher

The Bishop and Belcher (website)
175 Bloor Street East, Toronto ON M4W 3T5 (however, it is actually on the northeast corner of Church Street and Hayden Street, the nearest major intersection is Yonge Street and Bloor Street East) 416-591-2352
Google Maps

Well, we’re movin’ on up, to the east side of Yonge. To a deluxe pub on Church.

I went to the Bishop and Belcher a number of times over the years when it was on Queen Street West. (I saw a mouse when I was last there.) I only noticed that the Bishop and Belcher had disappeared from Queen Street West in the last year or so. Apparently they moved in 2008 (four years ago as of this writing) and I only discovered that they’d moved, as opposed to closed, recently. When my better half and I were on the lookout for a new pub after a week off for good behaviour, I looked at (this is a good site, but it casts too wide a net and its information is out of date) for a suggestion for Thanksgiving Saturday afternoon and came up with the Bishop and Belcher. We got off at Sherbourne station and walked west and then south. We ended up at Yonge without finding the pub. I suggested that we try again, so we went back and discovered that we had walked right by it, but didn’t notice it as we weren’t looking for it in an office building. The address doesn’t help matters either, as it’s listed as being on Bloor, when it clearly isn’t. Alas, this means that I can’t create a Google Map link as that’s what confused us in the first place. Anyway, the near tragedy was avoided and happier times ensued!

The walls of the Bishop and Belcher are covered in all things English, pictures of Queens Elizabeth one and two, old engravings, etc., along with convex mirrors, which I love. It has several private spots and annexes for its guests, as well as games and darts. It was very quiet while we were there, but it was Thanksgiving weekend, but I expect this pub does well during the week. I will be back!

Number of visits by yours truly: my first to this location of the pub on a weekend afternoon in October 2012
TTC information: a three-minute walk east and south from Bloor-Yonge Station
Booze selection: about 17 on tap, including Thornbury cider on tap (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: typical North American pub grub
Service staff: very good
Prices: decent prices, the $8.95 poutine is a two-person job
Toilets: not bad, lots for the ladies
Patio: south, probably not a lot of sun during the afternoon due to surrounding buildings
Wheelchair accessible: appears to be, but could be a tight squeeze. Not accessible from the attached office building
Televisions: five and all showing sports
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: Brit pop — the Sundays, the Police, Oasis, Pulp’s “Common People” (the censored version — sorry)

Rating: four and a half pints (out of five) 


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