The Office Pub

The Office Pub (website, Twitter)
117 John Street, Toronto ON M5V 2E2 (on the east side, between Nelson Street and Adelaide Street West, the nearest major intersection is Richmond Street West and University Avenue) 416-977-1900
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Nightclub, karaoke bar, upscale bistro dining restaurant, or pub? Only you can decide. 

When I walked into the Office Pub, I thought I was in a nightclub. If your mission statement is in the name of your establishment, then why confuse the matter by appearing to be something else? Anyway, the nice chandeliers and fancy tables hidden in darkness belong more in a nightclub than in a pub, which is odd given the after-work crowd it draws upon.

The menu for the Office Pub was covered in errors — would you like an Alexandar Keiths or a chocoalate flourless cake? And the website has the wrong postal code. However, the food was good with decent portions, and the waitress was attentive and didn’t complain when we asked at the end of the evening for separate tabs. There is a large upstairs area that is more pub-like than downstairs, and a third-floor private party room. I think they need to pull up their socks given the competition next door — the Town Crier).

Number of visits by yours truly: my first on a weekday evening in September 2012
TTC information: a seven-minute walk west and south from Osgoode Station or west and north from St. Andrew Station
Booze selection: 28 beers including Strongbow cider in bottles and Somersby cider on tap (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: lots of interesting poutines and pubby foods (the menus are available online)
Service staff: very good
Prices: good for food, expensive for beer (the menu did not list prices for the beer and had they done so, I would have stopped sooner than I did)
Toilets: not bad, but given the size of place, one ladies is not enough
Patio: west-facing Hooters and apparently in the back, but I didn’t see that one
Wheelchair accessible: nope
Televisions: three in our section and all showing sports
Live music: sometimes on Mondays, karaoke three nights a week and stand-up comedy sometimes
Piped-in music: Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, George Michael

Rating: four pints (out of five) 


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