The Jason George

The Jason George (website)
104 Front Street East, Toronto ON M5A 1E1 (on the north side, between Jarvis Street and George Street) 416-363-7100
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A mediocre pub in the heart of the St. Lawrence Market area.

I wanted to like the Jason George as I knew it was a friend’s favourite pub, I really did, but, alas, I was disappointed. It does have a number of decent features, such as crisps/chips behind the bar and it’s wheelchair accessible. However, the menu was hard to read as it was all caps and in a font very similar to Comic Sans, which did not inspire confidence. There’s a “kid’s corner,” so what does one do when there are two or more children in the pub, do they take turns as only one child is allowed in there at a time? This error was even etched into glass. Does no one check these things? (I believe pubs should be child-free areas myself, but I know I am ahead of my time.)

Alas, what sealed the deal for me at the Jason George was finding a hair in my meal. The waitress was suitably appalled, but when I declined to have another meal made for me — I’d understandably lost my appetite — she stopped coming by the table to check on my companion and we left soon after.

This pub is owned by the same people who own the Jersey Giant.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first and probably my last on a weekday night in August 2012
TTC information: King Station, head east along King to Jarvis, down to Front
Booze selection: just 12 beers and Magners cider on tap (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: lots of sandwiches, including one with cat-fish, see above
Service staff: friendly at first, but not always according to other internet reviews
Prices: not bad, lots of onion rings for the price of $4.75 and cheap for booze
Toilets: could have been cleaner and sticky floors
Patio: south and large
Wheelchair accessible: yes
Televisions: at least four, the two I could see were both showing the Olympics, but were on different channels 
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: nondescript

Rating: three pints (out of five)


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