The Oxley

The Oxley (website)
121 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto ON M5R 1C4 (on the south side, between Avenue Road and Bellair Street, just west of Old York Lane) 647-348-1300
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A charming pub in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville. 

What a lovely pub! The only thing wrong with The Oxley is the location, I am not a fan of oh-so-trendy Yorkville, but then again, you can’t have everything. From the William Morris-inspired wallpaper and the Cruikshank-like mural of a hunting party downstairs to the chairs upstairs that look so comfortable and the framed prints that appear like they might be from Punch, the details of this recently opened establishment make a pub fan with a penchant for interior decorating weak at the knees.

The Oxley was named after Frank Oxley, a regular at the Queen and Beaver, which is the Oxley’s sister pub. (I aspire too to have a pub, a classy one like this, named after me.) The two pubs have much in common, such as the eclectic British menu with homemade ice creams and Pheasant and Goose Liver Polony with Fine Beans on offer, and the charm that comes from being founded by pub lovers. Writing this review is making me want to go back to The Oxley.

Number of visits by yours truly: two so far, most recently on a weekday evening in June 2012
TTC information: just two blocks north of Bay Station
Booze selection: 19 beers at present with Thornbury and Spirit Tree ciders and more than 30 wines (they have Pimm’s)
Food selection: fancy and yummy, the menus are online. (The Welsh rarebit was a disappointment as I was expecting  melted cheese on my toast, instead I got a kind of gravy, which was tasty, but not what I traditionally know as a Welsh rarebit)
Service staff: good
Prices: very expensive, but worth it for the most part
Toilets: downstairs and upstairs, the latter for the ladies is lovely, I think it might be as close to perfect as one can get (sadly, the upstairs men’s is just nice and unfortunately for the ladies there is only one toilet in the toilet). My grandmother would approve!
Patio: small one at the front, perfect for people watching in Yorkville, and a larger one at the back 
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: none!
Live music: I don’t think so
Piped-in music: nondescript

Rating: five pints (out of five) 


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