Victory Cafe

Victory Cafe (website, Twitter)
581 Markham Street, Toronto ON M6G 2L7 (at the corner of Markham Street and Lennox Street, the nearest major intersection is Bathurst Street and Bloor Street West) 416-516-5787
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Decent pub in Toronto’s Mirvish Village.

Tucked away on a cool little street, the Victory Cafe is one of those pubs that you have to know is there as it’s off the beaten track. I like the Victory Cafe’s painted walls and the cozy feel of the pub, but there’s a bit of a problem with the service, one can feel that one is sitting in a dead zone or that one should be doing secret signs to get the waiter’s attention. The toilets also leave much to be desired, my beloved grandmother would have likely walked out after her inspection of the toilets — in her opinion: if the toilets are bad, then what is the kitchen like? — they always look like no one has been in there with a cleaning agent for a few days, see below for my personal horror story on my most recent trip.

However, in the Victory Cafe’s defence, it does offer a number of yummy beers and three different types of cider, and the menu is a refreshing change from the standard pub grub one gets. Once again, the Victory Cafe was chosen as one of Now Magazine‘s top pubs for 2012 and I have to disagree. It’s not bad, but the Victory Cafe is not great.

Number of visits by yours truly: four or five, most recently on a Saturday night in June 2012
TTC information: a three-minute walk from Bathurst Station, just walk to Bloor, then two blocks west and south to the first intersection
Booze selection: about 30 beers, mostly local, and Strongbow, Thornberry, and Williams ciders (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: hamburgers, lots of local and ethical offerings
Service staff: all male and friendly, however, we had trouble getting their attention several times
Prices: good
Toilets: terrible. I came downstairs from my second visit to the ladies that evening and discovered to my horror as I was sliding into my seat that I had toilet paper stuck to both of my shoes. Now I knew why a fellow smiled at me on his way up the stairs
Patio: west and south
Wheelchair accessible: no way
Televisions: two showing hockey 
Live music: sometimes
Piped-in music: loud

Rating: four pints (out of five) 


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