The Rose and Crown

The Rose and Crown (website)
2335 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4P 2C8 (on the east side, just north of Roehampton Avenue on Yonge Street, the nearest major intersection is Yonge and Eglinton) 416-487-7673
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Pub by day, noisy meat market by night.

I tried to go to the Rose and Crown once before, back when they allowed smoking inside. I recall a wall of cigarette smoke greeted us at the pub’s door and through the haze I could see a murder of old men cradling half-drank beers in their knotty hands, with toothless grins, empty clothing, and milky eyes giving us outsiders a once-over of disdain. Then, one of them got up and shuffled towards us, he licked his thin lips, and slurred, “Fresh brains!” All right, the Rose and Crown wasn’t exactly that, but it was too smoky and it appeared to be a regulars-only place, so we promptly left.

Anyway, a friend had a birthday party recently at the Rose and Crown, so we had a reason to go back. We arrived early and I thought it was a lovely pub with timber beams, whitewash, an interesting ceiling, wooden floors, a library (that was closed when we arrived), and prints of fox hunting. There were older couples eating meals in the booths. However, later, as the band started, the Rose and Crown transformed into a noisy meat market. Pretty little things danced in front of the band and seem oblivious of the people trying to pass by, and too many people hung around like vultures waiting for other parties to leave their tables. We had to shout at one another as the band was too loud and I remained sober as our waitress was too busy to take our orders. I won’t be back.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first, and my last, on a Saturday night in April 2012
TTC information: about a minute’s walk north of Eglinton Station
Booze selection: 18 beers including Magners cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard, but fairly extensive, their menu is online
Service staff: good
Prices: okay
Toilets: one of the toilets in the ladies was broken
Patio: nope, but the windows at the front open wide
Wheelchair accessible: nope
Televisions: five
Live music: every night and way too loud
Piped-in music: can’t recall

Rating: three and a half pints (out of five)


One thought on “The Rose and Crown

  1. Visited the rose and Crown on Yonge St at Eglinton with my daughter for brunch on a Sunday afternoon and encountered one of the patrons who insisted on sharing is phone conversation right at our table as we waited for our food to arrive. The guy was drunk, on crutches and looks like he was a visitor from Ireland. When we asked him to lower his voice at our table, his reply, “Go to church or the library if you want quiet, this is a pub.” The fact is I was so outraged by this man I wanted to punch him out. But, I did not.

    Till today, we’ve had pleasant experience, good food, good service. But what surprised me the most was that in all the exchange between myself and the drunken patron, neither of the two female waitress interceded. I believe if there was a man on duty, the drunk might have been persuaded to behave more appropriately.

    I do not feel the Rose & Crown is a safe environment for women. Some of the men are loud and uncouth, in fact in all this, the few patrons who were in the pub was oblivious to what was happening. Not the kind of place I want to frequent anymore.

    On a scale of 1-10 for safety – 0
    Food – because of the experience 1-10 – 0
    Would I recommend this place to anyone – ABSOLUTELY NOT!.

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