The Queen’s Legs

The Queen’s Legs 
286 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto ON M4R 1B2 (on the north side, between Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway) 416-481-3555
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The Queen’s Legs could be a great pub, but no one wants to make the effort.

I have been to the Queen’s Legs probably more than any other pub in Toronto as I used to live literally within stumbling distance of it. It was our neighbourhood pub, we’d go on weekends for brunch, we’d meet there after my better half’s late night shifts, we even had our pre-wedding booze-up there. However, before we moved away from the area in the summer of 2005, we stopped going. One night, I arranged to meet with my beau at the Queen’s Legs and we sat in our usual spot for 20 minutes without being served. We walked out and have only been back two or three times since.

Anyway, we decided to go back to the Queen’s Legs as we were in the neighbourhood recently. It looks like the ownership has changed again. There’s now an elevated area in the front, almost like a wooden patio, but the tables and wooden chairs look like they haven’t been updated in years. The walls are still covered with brass plates and poems by devoted regulars dedicated to the pub. The pub has a pool table and darts at the back, and on Thursday nights, there’s poker. The bar was surrounded by regulars, who all seemed to know one another. As we left, I felt a little sad as the Queen’s Legs, given the neighbourhood, could be a great pub, but it seems that no one wants to make the effort.

Number of visits by yours truly: a hundred or so, most recently on a Saturday afternoon in April 2012
TTC information: a 10-minute walk west of Eglinton Station. You can take the Avenue Road South bus, the Eglinton West bus, or the Avenue Road North, which all drop you near the pub, but given the chronic congestion between Oriole and Avenue on Eglinton, I would walk if it’s near rush hour
Booze selection: a dozen or so, but they ran out of Barking Squirrel at 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Magners cider in cans (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: lots of stirfrys
Service staff: not bad, but has been terrible in the past
Prices: reasonable
Toilets: a time capsule from the previous century. The pictures are unchanged in almost 15 years and I am pretty sure they are using the same combination of cleaners as the toilets smell the same
Patio: none, but the windows at the front open up to create that patio feeling
Wheelchair accessible: toilets downstairs, so no
Televisions: three
Live music: Fridays
Piped-in music: Whitney Houston’s greatest hits

Rating: three (out of five)


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