O’Grady’s (Church)

O’Grady’s (Twitter)
518 Church Street, Toronto ON M4Y 2C7 (on the west side, between Maitland Street and Alexander Street, the nearest major intersection is Church Street and Carlton Street) 416-323-2822
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Decent pub in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village.

O’Grady’s on Church is Firkin-like in many ways, which is ironic, given that there is the Churchmouse (and Firkin) pub directly across the street. You’d think that O’Grady’s would try to offer a little choice from the Firkin franchise, especially in its booze offerings, but what do I know?

O’Grady’s has two fireplaces, an upstairs room that can be reserved for parties, and a decent patio that is probably packed in the summer. (I visited in mid-April, so the patio was not top of mind for us.) The downstairs is bright and airy and tables can be easily moved for groups. A group of seven walked in off the street while we were there and they had no trouble getting seating for their meals. I got the impression that O’Grady’s has a lot of regulars.

Note, there is an O’Grady’s on College Street, near UofT, which likely has a totally different atmosphere!

Number of visits by yours truly: probably my first, but not my last, on a weekday evening in April 2012
TTC information: a five-minute walk from Wellesley Station, just walk east to Church Street, and two blocks south to Maitland Street
Booze selection: six beers (yes, that is not a typo) and Strongbow cider. Apparently, they serve a lot of cocktails (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard pub grub, but interesting burgers. We both had the fish and chips. The kitchen is open late
Service staff: very friendly. I commented on the waiter’s pen when signing the bill and he kindly gave it to me!
Prices: mid-range
Toilets: up the stairs and dangerous step into the ladies
Patio: north, on Maitland, and an upper deck patio. The large patio is one of the top features on others’ online reviews
Wheelchair accessible: no, stairs into the pub and the toilets are upstairs
Televisions: five
Live music: karaoke on Sundays and Tuesdays
Piped-in music: Michael Jackson, Arcade Fire

Rating: four pints (out of five) 


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