Aristotle McGregor’s

Aristotle McGregor’s
525 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4S 2M4 (on the west side, between Millwood Road and Belsize Drive, the nearest major intersection is Mount Pleasant Road and Davisville Avenue) 416-480-2252
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In a neighbourhood bereft of drinking holes, this pub proves that competition is a good thing. 

I went to Aristotle McGregor’s for the first time in September 2005, which, if my memory serves me well, was just after the pub opened. I wasn’t that impressed then, and six and a half years later it seems that my memory serves me well. The place looked like it hasn’t had anything done to it since it opened. The pub was dead when we arrived at five in the afternoon on a Saturday, however, by the time we left — after an hour and a half — the pub had several regulars. We might have been the only new faces in there all weekend.

The seats in the booth we sat in were torn and showing the stuffing and the pub looked generally tired. There are Homeric bronze statues and plates on the walls, along with Super Bowl posters galore as it was the day before the Super Bowl. One thing can be said in Aristotle McGregor’s favour is that it has no pretensions. (In case you are wondering why we stayed for our most recent visit, we were meeting a friend there and as mentioned in the dek, there’s nowhere else to go, unless you go to the Longest Yard, which seems to be devoted to sports and I am not devoted to sports.)

Check the DineSafe website — had I known what I know now, I would have gone somewhere else

Number of visits by yours truly: two visits and probably won’t be back, most recently on a Saturday afternoon in February 2012
TTC information: a two-minute ride eastbound from Davisville Station along Davisville, then a three-minute walk north on Mount Pleasant
Booze selection: seven (that is not a typo) beers. They have Strongbow cider in cans (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: lots of Greek food. I had the sweet potato fries as we were going somewhere else for dinner and the fries looked like they were blistered. Perhaps they were overcooked?
Service staff: a little slow given that we were basically the only customers 
Prices: mid-range
Toilets: terrible. The things I do for this blog! However, apparently the men’s was fine
Patio: no
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: four
Live music: no
Piped-in music: radio

Rating: two pints (out of five)


2 thoughts on “Aristotle McGregor’s

  1. Hm. If this is three out of five, what would be a one? Drinking moonshine made in the back of a prison cell toilet while a riot rages on?

    (“Poor ambiance, subpar selection. Conveniently-located facilities. 1/5”)

  2. Good point! I have been told that I am generous with my p(o)int system and I have actually gone back and revised some ratings. I will change it accordingly and thanks for your valuable thoughts!

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