C’est What

C’est What (website, Twitter)
67 Front Street East, Toronto ON M5E 1B5 (on the southeast corner of Front Street East and Church Street) 416-867-9499
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So hip it hurts. 

I went to C’est What for the first time way back in the last century. I thought it was a wonderful pub as it was right downtown, in a cellar, and was so cool with its cozy nooks and low lighting. C’est What is still in that same downtown cellar, but to my now world-weary eyes, the veneer is a little worn.

Today, C’est What has art for sale displayed on the walls, an aquarium, several fireplaces, pool tables, and there was a whiff of vanilla. However, the night that the YUPCA (York University Pub Crawl Committee) bestowed a visit upon the establishment there was no toilet paper in the ladies, it was too loud, and it was very, very crowded. Our group of five was seated at a table right against one of the support columns and because of the over-sized art on the nearby walls, we couldn’t really fit around the table properly, which didn’t make for a relaxing visit. According to online reviews, large groups have had a difficult time finding a spot and the staff don’t make it easy.

Number of visits by yours truly: three or four times, most recently on a Friday night in January 2012
TTC information: equidistant from Union and King Stations, no point in taking the streetcar unless you are running early 
Booze selection:
a section of more than 30 Canadian-only mircobrews, with a whisky and wine menu (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: decent menu
Service staff: looking at a number of other online reviews, apparently the service can be awful. We had a good waiter who met with our drinking companions’ high standards of having a nice package
Prices: not bad
Toilets: terrible! There was no toilet paper in the ladies. I took off half a pint (see below) for that gaffe
Patio: no patio
Wheelchair accessible: certainly not!
Televisions: no televisions
Live music: several nights a week, see their events page for details
Piped-in music: rock, I think. It was loud, too loud

Rating: three pints (out of five) 


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