Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard (website, Twitter)
56 The Esplanade, Toronto ON M5E 1A6 (on the north side, between Church Street and Scott Street) 416-364-6572
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Great for a pint after returning to Toronto VIA (get it?) GO Transit. 

I expect like many people, I first went to Scotland Yard Pub when I took a wrong turn after coming out of the toilets at the Old Spaghetti Factory many years ago. There I stood a little bewildered, a little bemused, as I was suddenly in a different place from where I expected to be. Fortunately, all was not lost and your heroine managed to get back to her date and meal, but not before noting that there a pub nearby and all was right with the world!

Like the Old Spaghetti Factory, there’s lots of stained glass, 1920s posters, paintings, and old photographs in the Scotland Yard pub. The pub also has two dart boards and a library nook that is raised by several steps, which might not be as private as first thought as it is the access to the storage area and so we saw several barrels of beer being carted by us during the course of our luncheon. For those curious, Scotland Yard is probably the closest pub to the downtown GO bus station, so if you’ve just missed your bus, you could go there for a quick pint.

Number of visits by yours truly: third or fourth visit, most recently on a weekday afternoon in October 2011
TTC information: equidistant from Union and King, one block south of Front after passing Yonge Street
Booze selection: 13 beers, including Blackthorn and Peelers ciders (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: limited, but if you are craving a meal, then a pint, you have the Old Spaghetti Factory right next door
Service staff: very friendly
Prices: decent
Toilets: clean and lots and lots of stalls as it shares the facilities with the Old Spaghetti Factory
Patio: not at the moment due to construction on the Esplanade
Wheelchair accessible: yes, as you can see from the photograph there is a load of construction at the moment, so the pub is accessible, but the sidewalk probably isn’t
Televisions: five and three showing Buzztime Trivia
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: the Bata Band and company

Rating: three and a half pints (out of five) 


One thought on “Scotland Yard

  1. This Has been my favourite Pub for Decades. Friendly staff, great food and cold beer at fair prices. Very few restaurants have stood the test of time like Scotland yard.

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