The Bull and Firkin

The Bull and Firkin (website, Twitter)
1835 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4S 1X8 (on the east side, between Balliol Street and Merton Street, the nearest major intersection is Davisville Avenue and Yonge Street) 416-485-2290
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Good for a pint after swooning over graves of the famous at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 

I’ve been to the Bull and Firkin a number of times over the years as we used to live nearby and as we have a number of friends who still live in the area. In terms of sitting, it has lots of booths, including seating for groups of six, but for larger groups, you are really only in luck if you get seating at the back, near the toilets. It has happened a few times that we have been part of a larger party gathering at that pub and have had to ask diners in that coveted area if they would mind moving up or down a few tables so that we can accommodate our numbers (these diners have always been gracious about this request, so that is a good reflection on the pub).

The Bull and Firkin is a sport bar, plain and simple. It has two dart boards, two pool tables, and at least two arcade games. The televisions, which are everywhere, show sporting events. Knowing this, I have even looked up the Maple Leafs’ schedule to avoid going to the pub when games are on. I remember going to the pub one evening in April a few years ago and being almost unable to converse with my companions because the noise was so loud.

And now a semi-regular feature of my blog: Toronto’s history. As mentioned in the dek, the Bull and Firkin is close to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, which is “home” to, among others:

  • Banting and Best (but not together)
  • Timothy Eaton
  • Mary Fortune (Titanic survivor)
  • Glenn Gould
  • Foster Hewitt
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King
  • Oliver Mowat
  • Alexander Muir
  • Egerton Ryerson

Number of visits by yours truly: two dozen or so, most recently on a Saturday evening in October 2011
TTC information: just south of Davisville Station
Booze selection: 16 beers, including Strongbow cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard Firkin pub grub with lots of sandwiches and wraps
Service staff: pleasant and friendly
Prices: decent
Toilets: just two for the ladies, which isn’t quite enough given the size of the bar
Patio: on the street facing west
Wheelchair accessible: no!
Televisions: I counted seven from where I was sitting and all of them were showing a “vulgar sporting event”
Live music: I forgot to ask, but I doubt it given the layout of the pub as there are pillars and booths in the way
Piped-in music: sports was on, so music was off. There is a jukebox

Rating: three and half pints (out of five)


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