Sin & Redemption

Sin & Redemption (website)
136 McCaul Street, Toronto ON M5T 1W2 (on the west side, between Dundas Street West and D’Arcy Street, the nearest major intersection is Dundas Street West and University Avenue) 416-640-9197
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Your preferred destination for booze after taking in the delights of the AGO.

Sin & Redemption was the second stop on our most recent pub crawl. Planning the evening with our dear friend, he suggested the pub as he thought it might appeal to our tastes.

Benefitting from its proximity to the Art Gallery of Ontario and to OCAD, Sin & Redemption has two crowds, well-heeled gallery patrons and future professional artists. This dichotomy is reflected in the pub’s name, which likely has something to do with the overpowering view of the large Catholic church across the street. The pub has three sections, which seem to have their own separate personalities. We sat in the middle section in very comfortable chairs and drank in the dark wood everywhere (my visit notes mention that the floors were nice!). In the southern most room there are even a few very private spots that look almost like converted closets which seat only two and might be perfect as a first date spot.

Number of visits by yours truly: my first, but not my last, on a Saturday afternoon in September 2011
TTC information: a five-minute walk west of St. Patrick. No point in waiting for a streetcar unless you are running early or want to be late
Booze selection: 32 beers, including Leffe Brune (his lordship’s favourite) and Sir Perry cider (they have Pimm’s). They also have an extensive mixed drink list
Food selection: fancy end of pub grub, we got bread with our meal, which made it seem more restaurant than pub
Service staff: good, but made no conversation and seemed bereft of humour. (Update 2014.03.01: Our waiter, Adam, was damn good, friendly, and bent over backwards for my fellow diners and me, he is why Sin and Redemption now gets five out of five pints)
Prices: expensive
Toilets: downstairs with a lovely smell. Lot of paper towel dispensers (why?)
Patio: no, but the windows are large garage doors giving you a lot of fresh air (unless the wind is blowing in the secondhand smoke)
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: no
Live music: no
Piped-in music: very, very nondescript. Lots of saxophones (ugh) and drums

Rating: five pints (out of five)


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