Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law (website, Twitter)
1702 Queen Street East, Toronto ON M4L 1G6 (on the northwest corner of Queen Street East and Kingston Road, the nearest major intersection is Kingston Road and Queen Street East) 416-690-5516
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A good place for a pint or two and to rest one’s weary feet after the delights of the Beaches.

My better half and I have walked by Murphy’s Law a number of times and never stopped for a pint. Not really sure why, perhaps it was the name invoking memories of cheesy jokes, I really don’t know, but it probably won’t happen again after our recent visit. I was delighted and only wished that we had more time to stay.

We sat in a snug that seated about 12 people and we were the only people in there. It would have been crowded to have strangers in there as a conversation would have been easily overheard. Upon my investigations on the way to the ladies’ room, I popped my head into Murphy’s Loft on the second floor, which apparently holds 68 people, and it was packed (it was either a private party or a sports event on television). I also looked at the rooftop patio and was impressed by the view. Murphy’s Law is a sister pub to Pogue Mahone and the Foggy Dew so if you like them, you’ll like this one. Like her sister pubs, Murphy’s Law has lots of stained glass, dark wood, snugs, and images of Ireland.

I also never noticed before my visit to Murphy’s Law that Arthur Guinness’ signature as used on the beer company’s advertising features the long s. You learn something every day!

Number of visits by yours truly: first, not my last, on a Saturday afternoon in August 2011
TTC information: a 17- to 20-minute ride eastbound from Queen Station on the Queen streetcar or take the bus south from Coxwell Station, which will drop you after a 10-minute ride at Queen and Eastern, just across the road from the pub
Booze selection: 23 beers, including Magners cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: a bit limited, like her sister pubs, but I enjoyed the smoked Gouda perogies
Service staff: very good
Prices: expensive
Toilets: very good
Patio: south of building on the road, north of the building near a parking lot, and on the roof (which isn’t always open), most of it looking south across Woodbine Park towards the lake. Probably a romantic aid, if that is what you require
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: three
Live music: Thursdays and Saturdays
Piped-in music: Irish, modern rock, classic rock (very loud)

Rating: four and a half pints (out of five) 


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