The Duke of Devon

The Duke of Devon (website, Twitter)
66 Wellington Street West, Toronto ON M5K 1H1 (the patio is on the north side, between York Street and Bay Street; the pub is downstairs and is accessible through the Toronto PATH, near the Toronto-Dominion Centre) 416-642-3853
Google Maps

Open only during the week? Pity!  

First of all, I apologise for the above photograph of the Duke of Devon Pub. This one is even from my second attempt as the first batch of photographs were all bad upon closer inspection. I would have taken a photograph of the patio, but it was a chilly day and I didn’t want readers to think the patio was empty on sunny days.

The Duke of Devon is quite large downstairs including the private rooms, which were open during my recent visit. The clientele is very professional (surprise, surprise!) in appearance, however, when looking at other people’s reviews of the pub, a lot of them mention the attractiveness of the waitresses. (Wolves in sheep’s clothing, it would seem.) Another good point was raised in that the pub doesn’t have a personality, it’s fine for lunch, but I wouldn’t take a date here. The pub has lots of booths, along with the standard tables and chairs. One thing to keep in mind is that there are no windows to the outside world as it’s underground, so it might seem a bit claustrophobic for some, despite the size of the venue.

In case you are downtown on a weekend and pinning for a pint, don’t bother with the Duke of Devon, as it’s closed! (We found out the hard way.)

Number of visits by yours truly: two or three, most recently on a weekday in September 2011
TTC information: equidistant between King Station, Union Station and St. Andrew Station
Booze selection: standard Duke pub selection of approximately 35 beers, including Strongbow and Magners ciders. They have Pimm’s!
Food selection: standard Duke pub grub
Service staff: friendly
Prices: expensive like all Duke pubs
Toilets: clean
Patio: upstairs, very large, and south-facing, but hardly any sunshine due to the skyscrapers
Wheelchair accessible: the pub itself is accessible through the Toronto PATH; the patio is too crowded for mobility
Televisions: seven!
Live music: “sometimes on the patio”
Piped-in music: Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Clash

Rating: four pints (out of five)


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