The Duke of Gloucester

The Duke of Gloucester (website)
649A Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4Y 2A6 (on the east side, upstairs between Charles Street and Isabella Street, the nearest major intersection is Yonge Street and Bloor Street) 416-961-9704
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The pub to go for football (soccer) and other Anglo sporting pursuits.

As our regular pub for PubStumpers was repeating a season, we decided to check out the Duke of Gloucester. Most of our team didn’t come out that evening and I wonder if it’s because of the location I’d suggested. I’ve been to the Duke of Gloucester a number of times and, alas, it leaves something to be desired. You’d think that as it was on Yonge near Bloor, lots of regulars and ex-pats of every stripe, and a wide selection of drinks that it would be the place to go. However, it looks tired and very worn, the service is irregular, and it’s certainly not the place to go on a first date, unless you don’t want a second date.

My better half who had been to the pub a number of times still walked by it and had to call for directions (it’s just south of the Panasonic Theatre). The Duke of Gloucester pub has several good qualities, it has a snug that’s bookable for private parties (it fits about 20), and there’s a pool table, jukebox, and darts. But it’s a lads’ pub and, as such, this lass probably won’t be back soon.

Number of visits by yours truly: a half-dozen or so visits, most recently on a Thursday night in July 2011
TTC information: Bloor-Yonge Station, but also close to Wellesley
Booze selection: more that 40 beers, including Strongbow and Magners ciders. Yes, they have Pimm’s
Food selection: typical pub grub, a little unimaginative
Service staff: s-l-o-w. The PubStumpers quiz master’s meal arrived late, so he was eating between questions, which made it difficult to ask him to repeat questions. I gave up on my deep-fried Mars bar dessert at the end of the evening and our second waiter (I guess we straddled a shift change) forgot to charge us for my better half’s second beer
Prices: reasonable
Toilets: slightly whiffy, but caught my waitress being very clean when she was washing her hands
Patio: south facing and on the roof
Wheelchair accessible: no way, steep steps up to the pub and more importantly down to the street at the end of the evening
Televisions: one in main area, two in the back, apparently there’s one on the patio too, but I didn’t see it when I poked my head out there
Live music: 9:30 on Sundays
Piped-in music: lots of Mr. Bowie, not that I’m complaining

Rating: two pints and a half (out of five) 


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