The Rebel House

The Rebel House (website, Twitter)
1068 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4W 2L4 (on the west side, between Gibson Avenue and Roxborough Avenue West, the nearest intersection is Yonge Street and Alymer Avenue) 416-927-0704
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The place to go for tourists (and their hosts) who want to try a truly Canadian pub.

I’ve been coming to the Rebel House for years because it’s convenient and it’s good. I remember one time ordering a wild boar dish, loving it so much that I ordered it again and had seconds then and there! Alas, I don’t think they have that item anymore, but that might be a good thing. I like the food a lot, so when we did a three-part pub crawl in early July 2011, I suggested that we eat at the Rebel House as I was sure our meal would not disappoint. The Rebel House is located in an old building that was likely around during the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837, which the pub is named in honour. The pub’s logo of the hanged man probably commemorates Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews, who were both hanged for their parts in the Rebellion of 1837.

The pub’s seating is very cramped, but that’s my only complaint (perhaps it would not be so cramped if I didn’t order seconds!). The walls are covering with horns of deceased beasties, Krieghoff prints, mirrors, and old etchings. They have a lovely stained glass sign upstairs in the window.

Update 2014.03.21: I tried to make a reservation for 16 people upstairs on a Saturday afternoon and they don’t take reservations. Fine, but when I explained that I wanted the upstairs for a sewing group, I was informed that I would have to rent the entire floor and pay $3,000. I nearly hung up on the server. Some places need to take themselves a little less seriously.

Number of visits by yours truly: a dozen or so, most recently on a Saturday night in early July 2011
TTC information: Rosedale Station. The pub is northwest of the insertion from Rosedale Station, however, you don’t want to crossed north and then west as the intersection only allows pedestrian crossing on the south side, which is annoying and dangerous
Booze selection: more than 30 in bottles and on draught, including Waupoos cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: local (i.e. Canadian) in focus, with meals featuring elk, moose, and buffalo, and barley risotto. They also have pickled eggs! (The menu is online)
Service staff: very good
Prices: expensive, but I think you get your money’s worth
Toilets: very cramped in the basement. There is a unisex toilet upstairs that is a little better
Patio: west and very nice with heating lamps and a parachute cover to protect patrons from the blazing sun
Wheelchair accessible: no
Televisions: we were sitting outside, I think there is one over the bar
Live music: nope
Piped-in music: we were sitting outside so there was no music

Rating: five pints (out of five)


One thought on “The Rebel House

  1. A fine time was had by all. I would recommend that anyone in the area walk along the curving outcrop of Church Street that leads southeast from Yonge, and to take the air in Harold Town Parkette.
    Humbly submitted,
    The Ghost of Stephen Harper.

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