The Firkin on King

The Firkin On King (website, Twitter)
461 King Street West, Toronto ON M5V 1K4 (on the south side, between Spadina Avenue and Portland Street, the nearest major intersection is Spadina Avenue and King Street West) 416-979-5464
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A nice place to go for a pint on King West.

I went to The Firkin On King this most recent St. Patrick’s Day as I wasn’t about to pay a $10 cover charge on a weekday afternoon to sit in Fynn’s Of Temple Bar! The Firkin On King welcomed me and I had a lovely afternoon there – and by the time I left at about six-thirty or so, there was a long line-up to get in!

The Firkin On King is a bit of a maze with various private rooms on three different levels, so this might be one of those places where you keep your cell phone nearby so you can answer it when your friends call to find out where you are. (While doing the research for this post, I came across some photographs of the private rooms and there are some lovely spots!) I sat downstairs in their large open cellar, so this would be perfect for huge groups — I’m thinking fifty-plus! — as table configurations would be a snap. I asked my waitress how long the pub had been around as it still looked new. Apparently, it became a Firkin in May 2010 and it used to be a bank, and she pointed out the large safe nearby. I sat near a Tardis-like structure, which was in the middle of the floor that had four glass doors, one on each wall. Inside were water pipes! Like all Firkins, there were too many televisions, but I could see this place becoming popular as it looks like it has something for everyone in terms of atmosphere and as it’s a Firkin, you know what you’re getting.

Number of visits by yours truly: first visit, which was on a Thursday afternoon in March 2011 (St. Patrick’s Day!). Second pub of the day!
TTC information: take the King streetcar west from King Station (7- to 10-minute journey — according to a very optimistic TTC itinerary) or the Spadina streetcar south from Spadina Station (14- to 16-minute journey)
Booze selection: about a dozen or so, including Strongbow cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: standard Firkin pub grub with lots of sandwiches and wraps
Service staff: friendly
Prices: mid-range
Toilets: very nice, but too much advertising
Wheelchair accessible: 
six from where I was sitting!
Live music: 
Piped-in music: 
as it was St. Patrick’s Day, it was all Irish, all the time, so U2 and company

Rating: four pints (out of five)


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