The Old Nick

The Old Nick (Twitter
123 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON M4K 1N2 (on the south side, between Broadview Avenue and Bowden Street, the nearest major intersection is Boardview Avenue and Danforth Avenue) 416-461-5546
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Perfect for a pint or two while enjoying the delights of the Danforth.

I went to The Old Nick in December 2010 with my husband and several friends and at the end of the evening, the bill we were handed was a mess. Totalling close to $200, the bill was broken down by price, not by drink, and took quite some time to figure out due in part to the uncooperative waitress. Of course, everyone had to stay till the bitter end to find out what they owed. Anyway, this evening clouded my opinion of the Old Nick. (Be sure to ask for separate bills so you don’t waste your time repeating our error.) On the other hand, there is a great male waiter named Marty who is charming, funny, and very attentive.

The Old Nick’s exposed brick walls are covered with gold-selling albums, a copy of the Magna Carta, and Canadiana, such as a copy of Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights. There is a semi-private snug at the back, which can seat about ten or so, and be reserved, there are also a number of games in the area with bits missing. The kitchen is exposed and we usually enjoy quick food service. In the main area there are movable tables and chairs, note the live music plays at the front with their backs to the window. The pub is very gay friendly and marches to the beat of its own drummer.

Number of visits by yours truly: half a dozen or so, most recently on a Saturday evening in April 2011
TTC information: within stumbling distance of Broadview Station
Booze selection: more than 20, including cider (no Pimm’s)
Food selection: lots of pasta, quick service
Service staff: depends on who you get. Wonderful (Marty) or whiney
Prices: expensive but generous
Toilets: they have a problem with the drains in the ladies’ room (and probably in the men’s), which makes it less than ideal. However, the toilets are clean
Patio: in the back, south facing and very nice, one of the best in the city
Wheelchair accessible: no, step at front
Televisions: two. Usually the televisions are showing movies or television programs. The most recent time I was there, the television I was facing was showing a half-hour charity infomercial on cleft palates. There was blood, it wasn’t mine, it wasn’t pleasant
Live music: Tuesday and Saturday nights
Piped-in music: Willie Nelson and company

Rating: four and a half pints (out of five) 


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