The Foggy Dew

The Foggy Dew Irish Pub (website, Twitter)
803 King Street West, Toronto ON M5V 1N4 (on the south side, at the corner of King Street and Niagara Street, the nearest major intersection is Bathurst Avenue and King Street West) 416-703-4042
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Perfect for after-work gatherings or to celebrate a Toronto FC win.

I’ve gone to the Foggy Dew a number of times since my first visit about three years ago and always enjoy myself there. I was there in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands as this pub was near the “Dutch area” of Liberty Village. We were some of the first to arrive that morning and managed to snag a very good table for our group. This pub appears to be a staunch supporter for Toronto FC, so keep that in mind.

What I like about the Foggy Dew is its atmosphere. The pub has a snug (which I have yet to sit in), lots of stained glass, small nooks and corners for sitting in that remind me of English pubs, and lots of dark wood. As the pub is a bit out of the way, being on the outskirts of Toronto’s true downtown, and not really near attractions — apart from Fort York — I haven’t gone here as much as I would like (however, that could be said of nearly any pub). That said, I am always surprised at how busy the pub is given its unhip location. The Foggy Dew is a sister pub to Pogue Mahone so if you like one, you’ll like the other.

Number of visits by yours truly: five or six, most recently on a Sunday afternoon in March 2011
TTC information: take the King streetcar west from King Station (10- to 15-minute journey) or the Bathurst bus south from Bathurst Station (15- to 20-minute journey)
Booze selection: lots to choose from, including two ciders (no Pimm’s). They had Leffe Brune when we were there most recently
Food selection: standard pub fare with an Irish twist, a little limited
Service staff: good
Prices: expensive
Toilets: rather nice
Patio: north of building and wraps around the west side
Wheelchair accessible: yes
Televisions: several, but the closest television to us was turned off during our most recent visit
Live music: every Saturday, check their website for listings
Piped-in music: ‘60s and ‘70s

Rating: five pints (out of five) 


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