The Roy

The Roy (websiteTwitter)
894 Queen Street East, Toronto ON M4M 1J3 (on the north side, between Booth Avenue and Logan Avenue, just east of De Grassi Street, the nearest major intersection is Broadview Avenue and Queen Street East) 416-465-3331
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One of my favourites and one of the classier pubs in Toronto.

My husband and I stumbled across this pub last year while walking westward along Queen Street East. We’d decided it was time for a pub visit in the course of the afternoon’s events and we started looking for a pub, and looking, and looking. We were practically dying of thirst by the time we saw the beautiful Guinness sign of The Roy pub ahead. The only reason we haven’t been back more regularly to The Roy is because it’s not near our home or any friend’s home. However, while doing the research for this post, I discovered we are only a 40-minute bus ride away, so there is hope.

In terms of décor, The Roy is one of the loveliest pubs in Toronto. There are booths, a snug (which isn’t very private), stools, and regular tables. They have the standard pub wallpaper – seriously, there is a wallpaper that all pubs seem to have in common – build-in bookshelves, brass plates on the wall, along with a lovely photograph of gravestones. I would recommend this as the place to go for a first date and for good food. I noticed that a number of people were eating by themselves, which I take as a good sign, and the clientele was diverse too. The only drawbacks were the lack of a patio and that it’s not wheelchair accessible; apart from those two points, it’s wonderful.

Update 2012.10.22: Apparently the Roy no longer welcomes poorly behaved minors. Unfortunately this does mean that they do accept children and their opinion of poor behaviour is different from mine.

Number of visits by yours truly: four times so far and more to come, most recently on a Saturday afternoon in November 2012
TTC information: a 10-minute ride eastbound from Queen Station on the Queen streetcar or take the bus from Pape Station (the 72), which will drop you after a 18-minute ride at Carlaw and Queen
Booze selection: small selection of about 10 beers, including Waupoos cider (no Pimm’s, but our server did say that he might get it in for the summer)
Food selection: standard pub grub with a British Isles focus. Anyone for a Scotch egg? The nachos were layered and made with tortillas, and were very good
Service staff: very friendly and accommodating, I’d never had Wellington County Bitter (I’ve only been drinking beer for six months) and he got me a taster
Prices: reasonable
Toilets: a bit of an industrial smell, but clean
Patio: no, not enough room on the sidewalk
Wheelchair accessible: no, there’s a step leading into the pub
Televisions: mercifully none
Live music: no
Piped-in music: dance music (!)

Rating: five pints (out of five)


4 thoughts on “The Roy

  1. “there is […] a lovely photograph of gravestones. I would recommend this as the place to go for a first date…”

    You remain an incurable romantic, I see.

  2. I should add that the tortillas seem to be homemade, making it the best dish of nachos I’ve have.

    1. You appear to be right, as always! The website’s menu says “In-house cooked flour tortillas…”. Does this mean we can go again this weekend?

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